1895 Scientific Survey of the Mullet Peninsula

Here’s an amazing history of the Mullet peninsula! Thanks to Phil Mc Intyre for sending this document from an 1895 survey of the Belmullet area. (link below). It breaks down in scientific detail the average height, eye color, property ownership, and dozens of other details – even what the average meals were during the day.

There is a listing of local folklore (many stories unique to the area). Info on home construction, history and commerce. For example, at the time, the area exported more eggs than any other in Ireland. 🐣

This photo above was taken back by Muingcreena. The ruggedly-handsome gent pictured on the far left is Francis Coyle. My best guess is that he’s my grandfather’s uncle. Behind him, the second man standing, is James M’Cormack, who may be my grandmother’s uncle.

Here’s a link to the paper on my server if you’d like to read it.

Here’s a link to the original document.

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